The best just got better: Samsung launches new generation of air conditioners


has entered 2020 with a new range of air conditioners that take innovation to a
new level. This includes the much anticipated follow-up to the first Wind-Free™
residential air conditioner. Samsung strives to deliver the best in heating and
cooling with a purification system that ensures cleaner air and a healthier
environment. The new powerful Digital Inverter Boost air conditioner range
offers consumers a pleasant indoor climate experience while enhancing energy

cooling technology

introduced the market’s first wall-mounted air conditioner with Wind-Freeᵀᴹ
technology in South Africa in 2018. Air conditioners with Wind-Freeᵀᴹ technology
follow a three-step cooling mode. In the first step, the temperature is lowered
quickly in Fast Cooling mode. Second, it uses a dehumidifying feature to set
the optimal level of humidity. Finally, when the desired temperature is
reached, Wind-Free™ Cooling mode is activated to maintain those levels and
provide an ideal level of comfort.

In Wind-Freeᵀᴹ Cooling mode, fresh air is
dispersed gently and evenly through thousands of micro-holes, creating a “Still
Air” condition. This allows people to live, work and relax comfortably without
experiencing unpleasant cold drafts.


units can be controlled and monitored remotely by using the Samsung SmartThings
App, letting users to turn their air conditioner on or off, select preferred cooling
modes, schedule operations, and even monitor power consumption — all at a
touch. And with Samsung Bixby voice control, the unit can simply be told what
the user wants via a smartphone.

energy efficiency

new generation of Wind-Freeᵀᴹ wall-mounted air conditioners uses Samsung’s new
energy-efficient Digital Inverter Boost compressor, allowing consumers to
maintain their desired temperature while reducing electricity consumption. The
new Digital Inverter Boost compressor is developed to help maintain indoor
temperature in an efficient way, and not having to turn the unit on and off


The long-lasting DuraFin™coil is produced
with corrosion-resistant material to powerfully protect the condenser from
rusting. This helps to maintain the optimal performance and efficiency of the
Heat Exchanger.

“At Samsung, we believe in meaningful
innovations that make life easier, and our track record speaks for itself. With
our new range, we have introduced revolutionary technology in multiple areas to
ensure that our customers experience an unsurpassed level of comfort,
convenience and value, ” says Robert Larkan, head of digital air solutions at
Samsung South Africa.



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