You know that black woman in Black Panther who helps Killmonger and Ulysses Klaue steal the vibranium at the British Museum? The one who shares a passionate kiss with the villain as they make a getaway after their heist, only for her lover to kill her as if she were inconsequential in the greater scheme of his ambitions?

Well, she is inconsequential to his plans, as we later see, after recoiling from the brief shock of how easily and how coldly Killmonger could be in taking her life when Klaue uses her as a shield.

But who is she and, more importantly, given the film’s groundbreaking focus and highlighting of strong black women, why is her role and eventual death so easily cast into oblivion?

I think she is used to counterbalance the strong women portrayed and embodied in characters such as the Dora Milaje led by Okoye, Nakia the spy, Queen Ramonda and the tech wizard Shuri.