Wiseman Sadomba was aptly named. For 33 years, he brought wisdom, joy, warmth, wit and humour to the Mail & Guardian office.
He grew with the company from its early days as the Weekly Mail. Sadomba embraced the change to digital and lived to see its success. His sharp understanding of the African continent led him to develop a clientele stretching to Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana. At the Mail & Guardian Africa, he was the obvious choice to become sales executive.

Bra Wisey was humble and his work was principled. His family was close to his heart. His positive attitude, coupled with his Sophiatown-stylish wardrobe, was a perfect match for his suave character. Naturally, this immaculate dress code extended to his vintage Mercedes-Benz, which he kept shining at all times.

We at the M&G will greatly miss his integrity and dedication to work. Robala ka kgotso. — Anastacia Martin

• Wiseman Sadomba’s memorial service will be at Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church, Soweto, on April 28 at 2pm. His funeral will be on Saturday at 9am at the same venue, followed by a burial at 11am at the Avalon Cemetery.