Twitter will close some Turkish accounts – report

A Turkish official has said Twitter will close some Turkish accounts but will not set up offices there as the government has requested, according to a report.

Reuters reports the decision came late on Monday after talks over a dispute that saw the social network blocked in the country.

“The two sides understood each other fully after the presentations, and a decision was made to establish a system for cooperation in the future,” the official is quoted as saying.

“Some accounts will be closed. At this stage Twitter will not immediately establish a company but the necessary communication will be established via lawyers in Istanbul.”

HumanIPO reported last month a Turkish court had overturned the Twitter ban in the country, imposed after anonymous users posted audio recordings on the social media platform implicating Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a corruption scandal.

Erdogan vowed to “wipe out” the platform after it failed to abide by numerous court orders to remove content.

Since then video hosting site YouTube has been blocked in the country, backtracking after an Ankara court granted access to the site.

The ban was reinstated until audio recordings showing top-level talks on Syria are removed. Officials were recorded discussing possible military action targeting the war torn country.



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