SAA pilotless amid turbulence

A report reveals that weak financial controls are at the centre of the airline’s woes

A steal: R6k for a slice of Coffee Bay

Poor land governance, desperation for a better life and little sense of market pricing has left the idyllic village ripe for the plucking

‘I prefer to cook for these people for free than to sell the food even. I enjoy it because we use the big, big pots’

JZ’s legal options unpacked

There’s a good chance the ex-president’s new heavyweights will claim he won’t get a fair trial

EFF wannabe MPs under the whip

The party is celebrating its fifth anniversary and its parliamentarians must ensure its growth

Mr Nice Guy boosts ANC’s Gauteng race

Panyaza Lesufi’s focus is on the poor, and on what the ANC needs to do to win back unhappy voters

Makhura’s problem: His provincial committee

Makhura reportedly supported a group that backed former Johannesburg mayor Parks Tau as his deputy

Rich land, poor villagers

Coffee Bay’s pristine seaside land is home to some of South Africa’s most popular holiday resorts and remains in the hands of the Bomvana and Pondo tribes.
But this has not translated into a better life, as the locals claim they’re being exploited by the tourism sector

Oh great, even more water on Mars

We used to laugh at the idea that Mars had canals — now it turns out there’s a whole fricking lake

Court shows employers who’s boss

A Constitutional Court ruling on labour-broking ends uncertainty over dual employment

‘Bring Zuma back in from the cold’

The ANC’s new KwaZulu-Natal leaders want the NEC to let the former president campaign

Zuma’s SACP buddy is in the firing line

South African Communist Party (SACP) KwaZulu-Natal provincial secretary Themba Mthembu is unlikely to survive the party’s upcoming congress

Scramble for minerals leaves rural families homeless

Rural dwellers displaced in the pursuit of corporate profits lose far more than just their land

Nene demands action from PIC

The minister has slammed the board for not properly handling allegations levelled at the CEO

The bruised silence of queer women

Mention intimate partner violence and everyone thinks about man-on-woman abuse — it’s time to rethink that


Pills & pregnancy: Who decides how much risk is too much?

A new drug could save 25 000 women living with HIV, but could it come at the cost of their babies’ lives?


No matter what, Zim’s election changes everything

For better or worse, it is time to discover what the ‘new Zimbabwe’ really looks like

MDC vows to protest an ‘illegitimate’ Zanu-PF win

Zimbabwe’s main opposition coalition will participate in Monday’s general election under protest.

Zanu-PF leans on neutral chiefs

Chief Nhlanhlayemangwe Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna in Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland South province says being apolitical has led to ruling party Zanu-PF heavyweights persecuting him.

Zim elections already not credible

Even before the first vote has been cast, it is apparent that the entire affair has been rigged

DRC beats Ebola outbreak

Lessons learnt in the 2013-2015 epidemic in West Africa helped limit the highly contagious disease


ANC eyes PIC funds to rescue Eskom

The idea has been floated before but again unions warn that the funds can’t be used to bail out SOEs

China’s generosity queried

The Asian giant is aware of the risks of lending to South Africa’s ailing parastatals, so the question is: Why would it?

Sibanye deaths cloud Lonmin deal

There would be major ramifications if the threats over the mine’s recent safety record scupper the takeover

Mine’s safety record fatality-free for five years – until February

Besides Sibanye’s internal investigations, it has held two safety summits and has formed a task team to tackle the causes of the fatalities

Africa firmly in AB InBev’s crosshairs

The behemoth brewer has grown almost as much as it can but one continent remains untapped

Plastic alternatives just good PR or a real solution?

Some retailers, recognising an opportunity to gain significant marketing mileage, have been quick to respond by introducing plastic alternatives

Bad governance at the heart of Ingonyama Trust issues

Trusts are often used to manage property when beneficiaries are unable to do it properly themselves. The Ingonyama Trust is different


Human rights issues will test foreign policy

If SA wants to regain its global standing, it must take a moral stand that may irk its new friends

Editorial: It’s dangerous to other foreigners

‘The DA is not the only political actor in the country that is using foreigners as a convenient scapegoat for our significant economic problems’

Editorial: Dump quiet diplomacy

‘Of particular concern is the independence — or lack thereof — of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’

Letters to the Editor: July 27 to August 2

Our readers write in about Global Citizen and the Dutch Reformed Church

United we stand – and stumble on

The ANC’s KwaZulu-Natal conference was finally held. Ace held up his slate. It didn’t go his way. Cyril’s happy

Brics is no emancipatory project

South Africa is part of a club whose members are corrupt, repressive, exploitative leaders

The Big C is the only game in town

China’s increasing global links means the other Brics members need to draw in the rest of Africa

Putin thinks he’s a superhero, saving Russia from US hegemony

According to some Russian observers, Vladimir Putin relishes his international image as “a Bond villain”. But as Joss Whedon, the creator of the cult classic TV show Buf fy the Vampire Slayer, once remarked: “Bad guys don’t think that they’re bad guys; bad guys think that they’re heroes.”

Brazil, weary of corruption, faces bleak poll

Blighted by a series of political scandals, the country’s hard-won democracy is on the skids

As global headwinds batter Brics member states, can it stay the course?

The priorities and themes of the 10th Brics summit, ranging from peacekeeping to collaboration around the Fourth Industrial Revolution, provide a number of issues that summit leaders say they want to pursue.

No moral compass in Modi’s SA mission

India’s leader will talk the peace talk but turns a blind eye to brutality in his own backyard

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may

Women, celebrate achievements besides those of marrying and having babies

Fifth column: Urinals – target the urinals!

‘Let me start by commending you on taking to the skies to advertise your establishment. To my knowledge, no other local brands other than SAA, Kulula and Mango are occupying airspace in an effort to lure customers.’

Scientific research is SA’s future

The number of researchers is growing but R&D needs far more investment


What is normal in a big, bad world?

I’ve been working late. One night last week I came home from work at 3.15am. It’s the kind of thing that makes my mother worry. And what happened last Tuesday was exactly the kind of thing she imagines when she thinks about big, bad Jo’burg.

Don’t miss this weekend

It’s Personal by Langa Mavuso, Seven Colour Sundays, Ukumisa Insika by Wonder Buhle Mbambo

On our lists

Comedy Central presents Drunk History, Born into Struggle, Honeydew’s Carnival Fever by Cray Mahalia Francis

Drama rocks Market Theatre

Allegations and counter-allegations are flying between the board’s chair, management and staff

She fights for artists’ rights

The curator cum activist understands creatives’ struggles and is working to rectify this situation

So who did plant the seed?

A dramatist and petrol attendant who wrote Imbewu is up against entertainment industry heavyweights behind the TV series Imbewu: The Seed

Queer fantasies flow seemlessly on ‘Hive Mind’

There are two ways to define the hive mind concept. In science fiction, this is when the unified consciousness of aliens helps them gain control over each alien’s uniqueness. The second concept refers to a collaboration where people share their respective knowledge and skills with one another to reach a common goal.

Phiri’s new single and ode to grief

Everything about it is deeply personal and spiritual, yet it has you dancing with arms raised

Durban kwaito’s Sugarman

Traces of Sandy B’s legacy, punctuated by a1994 hit, are imprinted on the genre as we know it today

Life and death of a little river

A daughter of the 1820 Settlers looks at events that ruthlessly shaped the lives of those linked to the Kowie River


Searching for the next Kevin Anderson

South African tennis is enjoying a revival as our young players rocket up the world rankings

After Wimbledon, real tennis cuts to the chase

On a court originally built in 1530 for King Henry VIII, the top players are laying chases and hitting boomerangs, giraffes and railroads

Will Tau be strung along?

Bafana’s gifted attacker faces the very real danger of becoming lost in the wilderness

The triumph of tenacity

Despite crushing losses, South Africa’s U20 women’s volleyball side gives its all on the court