The African Union’s #MeToo moment

Women staff object to ‘professional apartheid’ and routing discrimination at the AU commission

Magashule turns on ‘turncoat’ DD

Deputy president David Mabuza will have to defend himself against claims of nepotism in Mpumalanga

Slice of Live: I also wrote to heal

I wanted [my family] to see me as this perfect person but obviously the best relationships come from people accepting you for who you are

Cyril to Supra: Step down or be fired

In what’s seen as a political move, the North West premier has the option to jump before he is pushed

Whistleblower fingers North West leaders in ‘farm scam’

A company that secured contracts worth hundreds of millions of rands from the North West government was allegedly a conduit to funnel funds, farms and livestock to senior provincial politicians, including Premier Supra Mahumapelo

Royal relation takes on Ingonyama reins

A sister-in-law of Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini has been appointed as acting chief executive of the embattled Ingonyama Trust Board, following the resignation of Dr Fikisiwe Madlopha last month

Coligny stumbles in its shaky steps towards reconciliation

A year ago, this North West town was on the brink of a race war. Today, an uneasy peace prevails, but a combative EFF has warned that it may ‘burn again’

Rush of suitors woo De Lille

But the feisty mayor of Cape Town is taking it slow—and might even decide to go it alone again

Saftu opens the door to Cosatu’s Western Cape leader

Cosatu’s Western Cape secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, has informally met senior leaders of the South African Federation of Trade Unions and could soon join Saftu

Sanco honcho and Zuma sponsor given the boot

Roy Moodley, the treasurer of the South African National Civic Organisation and a benefactor of former president Jacob Zuma, has been kicked out by Sanco’s leadership

‘VBS refused to take me seriously’

A businessperson says the bank wouldn’t look into her partner’s alleged fraudulent transactions

Maile: I’m not a robot for Mashatile

The rising Gauteng ANC star has denied that his political mentor is an ambitious puppetmaster

Battle lines drawn in KZN between Jacob and Cyril factions

As the ANC gears up for the rerun of its KwaZulu-Natal provincial congress later this month, former Durban mayor James Nxumalo is being punted as a potential candidate for chairperson by supporters of President Cyril Ramaphosa

Battle to salvage the soul of Venda’s sacred sites

The land is more than just the dusty earth on which we stand.
We grow from the soil and we go back to it. This week Lucas Ledwaba writes about a few dedicated souls who are leading souls who are leading the fight to restore the spiritual relationship between the land and its people

Late payday highlights plight of grade R teachers

Grade R teachers in KwaZulu-Natal were paid several days late this month — highlighting the fact that these foundation-phase educators have yet to be fully absorbed into the basic education system

Eastern Cape mud schools progress stall

Hundreds of makeshift schools still exist in the province, despite a 2016 deadline for fixing them

Child porn: ‘The heart of darkness’

The industry is buried in the dark web and children grow up haunted by the abuse they suffered for the rest of their lives


Toilet to tap and back again

The reality is many of us look at water like we do a takeaway container

Obesity could be the new smoking

Research in the United Kingdom has found that obesity is becoming one of the biggest causes of cancer, but a hard-hitting awareness campaign has been labelled as fat shaming


The hit on Gezahegn Gebremeskel

The Ethiopian human rights advocate was murdered in broad daylight in Jo’burg. Friends and family claim the Ethiopian regime was responsible

Canada bars Angolan journalist

Rafael Marques is a prominent human rights defender, yet Toronto has denied him a visa

State land grabs fuel Sudan’s crisis

Millions of hectares have been given to foreign and local investors, leading to a land shortage

Mopane worms sound climate alert

The caterpillars are a vital source of protein and income but are being overharvested

Cameroon pays the price of gold rush

The mining boom has left the east pocked with ‘open tombs’ and created an ecological disaster

Chad’s strongman gets even stronger

Chadian lawmakers on Monday April 30 passed a controversial change to the country’s Constitution, which bolsters President Idriss Deby’s powers despite opposition warnings that it will undermine democracy in the oil-rich African country


Who will call the PIC to account?

Its due diligence claims are being questioned after the exposure of several large dubious investments

Apps for the people by the people

Two young innovators are brining information about taxis and kasi businesses to your phone

Transnet pensioners’ R100bn payout a step closer

A hard-won Constitutional Court victory for former Transnet employees has brought the group one step closer in its bid to claim about R100-billion in pension monies owed to them by the state-owned enterprise

Netflix has big appetite for growth

The entertainment giant is disrupting the industry but its rivals are not giving up without a fight

A trade tutorial for Trump

The US leader doesn’t understand global trade and so his decisions will harm the world economy

SA-India sisters call for more government support

Despite South Africa creating opportunities for women to start businesses, the country is low on an index of women entrepreneurs


Time to speak out about abusers

I had an uncle. My cousins and I were warned not to go to his home because he was a known rapist. But he never spent a day in prison

Spat clouds malombo festival

The event is being touted as a tribute to Philip Tabane but the organisers’ caginess and a Twitter exchange suggests all is not well

The real stars of a taxi trip

The queue marshal and the taxi owner: Snapshots from the life and times of the taxi

Safe spaces: Freedom for honeys

Nightlife is undergoing a radical change and making partying fun for everyone

Artistic odes to the individual

So far, my 20s have been characterised by a need to hide my abundance of tears because I cannot show weakness. There is no room for vulnerability because, as a black woman, it is my duty to be militant

‘Seding’ word stew is tough to chew

Lesego Rampolokeng’s latest novel, Bird-Monk Seding, if one can call it a novel, is a rampaging, fast-talking, spontaneous and often opaque window into a dark, dangerous world; a world filled with injustice, suffering and copious amounts of bodily fluids

The body in pain

Roxane Gay’s recent memoir explores what it feels like to be trapped in a vessel deemed undesirable

Zimdancehall and the reconfiguring of the outlaw in Zimbabwe

For the past two or three years, writer and former Mail & Guardian reporter Percy Zvomuya has been tracking down the story of Zimdancehall, culminating in a recent longform piece, “None but ourselves”, published in Chimurenga Chronic

The descendents of TKZee

It may have traditionally been a definitively kasi sound but kwaito has grown to include different demographics


It’s the DA’s duty to fix where it governs

Cape Town’s ‘success story’ rings hollow as the party finds itself in a jam in other metros it rules

‘Black Jesus’ falls from grace

It’s easy to feel a sense of smugness about the fall of the “Black Jesus”, Supra Mahumapelo

AU is still a men’s club

All too often, the African Union is derided as a “dictator’s club”

May Day, it’s our very own day

But an apparition at the march morphs into Niehaus — Daddy has even gutted Cosatu

Good news, Chicken, the sky isn’t falling

Surprised? Which is to be expected when the media thrives on keeping us in a state of alarm

We can back SA’s golden girl by challenging our stereotypes

I remember well when Caster Semenya came home after her first gold win and the controversy it stirred over her sex

Equal access to water is paramount if South Africa is to change

As the country’s water resources continue to be under pressure, the question of equity and the allocation of water for transformation, the goal of which is poverty eradication and promoting sustainable socioeconomic development, is critical

Expropriating land won’t rid us of red tape

Current land reform policy is so bogged down by bureaucracy that there’ll be no quick-fix solution

The intolerable loss of dignity

Obliterating being human is beyond our comprehension and so we invoke evil and dignity — but the wound is indelible

The family unit is in crisis

Without examples of love, young people don’t have the tools to contribute to society

Thank you for vaping

Of all vapers, devotees with large handsets interest me the most

Letters to the editor

Our readers write in about the land debate, Zimbabwe as the jewel of Africa and Ebrahim Rasool


Open varsity gates to the commons

These institutions needn’t be discrete spaces and can be used to change the urban environment

Why students reject whiteness

Maslow’s hierarchy suggests that the need for — and fulfilling of — self-actualisation and esteem are behind turmoil at universities


Giro d’Italia’s Israel start under fire

Politics is set to overshadow the iconic cycling race, which stands accused of ‘sport-washing’ human rights violations

Thrilling clash to end season

Real Madrid has Ronaldo and huge experience but the electric frenzy that is Liverpool has Salah

Bad science won’t undo Semenya

Not only is the IAAF’s data dubious, experts say the testosterone rules are unethical