Unembargoed: November 16 to 22

ANC mobile network plans fail

Threats of litigation, the lure of big money and conflicts of interest have upset the project

Mogoeng absent for more than half of ConCourt judgments

His absences from court and delay in making appointments have been criticised, but Mogoeng defends his reasons

Gauteng school feeder zones expanded to 30km

Feeder zones are the geographical areas from which a school admits learners.

More trauma for abused schoolboys

Parktown Boys’ High parents are angry with the way social workers have handled the case

Slice of life: Reading, the balm to pain

“I know we won’t reach everyone, but the one village we reach, the one community, is better than nothing”

Politics tops question for NDPP job

It was the panel’s chief concern and might have cost some of the candidates their chances

Advocate, state lawyer suspended

The two allegedly colluded by settling a R34-million claim that the South African Police Service had ordered them to defend

Poya launched private probe into rail regulator board

Suspended Rail Safety Regulator (RSR) chief executive Nkululeko Poya has revealed that he instructed investigators to determine which board members at the regulator were “actively acting against him”.

Ramaphosa’s Disprin plan is working

But using the courts and oversight institutions to dissolve enemies slows the pace of the cleanup

ANC women want more than 50%

The league wants five women premiers and a deputy president – but knows it will face resistance from men in the party

Courts deliver big wins for environment

Two recent judgments has forced the minerals department to fulfil its obligations regarding the physical environment and people’s land rights

SA is blowing its carbon budget

The numbers don’t add up as emissions from coal-fired power stations are allowed to grow

SABC’s crisis plan fails to impress MPs

The broadcaster’s savings from cost-cutting are far less than the money needed to rescue it

Axed branch leaders take on ‘dictatorial’ national leaders

Ousted branch leaders are taking their battle with the “autocratic” leadership of the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) to court.

Court battle dims electricity project

Hopes that a electrification of 26 villages would be restarted have been dashed by a legal dispute

Ghostbuster cleans up ANC branches

Members’ IDs are scanned, helping to get rid of nonexistent members and bogus branches

Premier dragged into kgosi battle

A deposed leader wants to hold Refilwe Mtshweni responsible for ignoring a court order to release a report on the issue


Prepping for the world’s biggest move

If climate change continues, some places will become uninhabitable and people will need to relocate. Are we ready?

Mental health and the case for SAPS

For many people with severe mental illnesses, these special wards can be a lifeline and the first step to care — if they can get there


Taming Kenya’s matatu madness

In a renewed crackdown, taxis and buses that ignore safety rules are being taken off the country’s roads

Advantage Kabila in poll race

With little over a month to go, the Congolese opposition is in disarray

Zambia’s slide to authoritarianism

As the country’s economy worsens, so dissent grows and its government becomes more repressive


The business of fake science

Publishers that flout sound peer review practices encourage bogus reports with widespread ramifications

Land: ‘Financial suicide’

Researchers warn that expropriation without compensation may cost 2.28-million jobs and cut GDP by R454.8-billion

Banks called out over Gupta heists

A new report focuses on the role of financial institutions in the illicit movement of of money

Enterprise claws its way back after listeriosis outbreak

Two and a half months after the listeriosis outbreak was declared over, Enterprise Food products are making a slow comeback to the market, according to its parent company, Tiger Brands, despite speculation during the crisis that the brand might never recover from the fallout.

Activists go for weakened mining

An international forum draws strength from worldwide protests against extraction

A good reason to get tanked this Christmas

There may be some early festive cheer in store for South Africans — the petrol price could drop by about R1.50 a litre, if not more, in December.
This follows months of hefty increases.


Is it rational to vote for one of the big three?

None of the major political parties have made a compelling case for why we should vote for them

EDITORIAL: Climate control lies with us

‘Earth is the only place within reach that we can live on.
The only habitable home’

EDITORIAL:  Gigaba’s sword — His ethics

‘That Gigaba’s fall from grace would be ascribed to his sex video is unfortunate, because his story is instructive of this period in ANC history’

Letters to the Editor: November 16 to 22

Our readers write in about investments into the economy, religious freedom, abuse against women, and about our environment reporting

Gigaba’s Uber-hard times ahead

The dishonourable member will have to polish his skills in his quest for a job

Parties have a duty to reveal their donors

Despite a Constitutional Court ruling, politicians are withholding facts needed for an informed vote

Turn Africa’s cities into vertical farms

Aerofarms in Newark, New Jersey, is the world’s largest high-tech vertical ‘farm’. It’s in a 9 144m2 warehouse, which has no sun or soil and uses less water

Take women’s rights into cities’ streets

Urban planning is never gender-neutral and leaders in Arab cities, in particular, must work hard to account for all residents’ views and desires.

Face the challenge of racial ambiguity

Understanding who we coloured people are and not trying to fit into one race group or another is the way to the future

Cyberbullies a threat to new media

Independent journalism needs protection from self-censorship and commercial pressures

Walk the talk against GBV

Mr Ramaphosa, you have seen and listened. Now it is time to make SA safe for women

FIFTH COLUMN: Heat waves not in retrograde

Civilisation’s leading authority on the cosmos, the unsurprisingly titled Cosmopolitan magazine, has turned the phenomenon into a verb to help us, presumably, to take corrective action.

Free State explores statutes on statues

No matter the future for the Steyn statue, the university’s process has already reaped rewards

Instil discipline in schools but don’t break the pupils

Discipline in schools is about authority and leadership

Context informs schools history report

African history is essential to recovering our past and linking it to the continent and the world


Heal yourself by healing your ancestors

It’s not even a matter of black pain being more painful than white pain. Pain is pain.

On our lists

KiD X featuring Shwi Nomtekhala and Makwa: Mtan’ Omuntu, Sibu Mash Mashiloane: My Lyllah and J-Live: Them That’s Not.

This weekend

The Revlon Girl, Schalk Bezuidenhout in Snorseun and Assessing Abstraction

Struggling artists get a boost

A group exhibition exposes emerging creatives and raises money for a foundation

Sho Madjozi’s musical lineage is larger than large

In many ways, though, she’s making good on their legacies and her connections across the continent.

The other African ‘Sara’ of Europe’s obsession

The grave of Sara Makatemele in Sweden has provoked much curiosity about her life and story

Learn to self-care in a selfless way

What we seem to have adopted is a supremely individualist definition of self

Celebrate anniversary of black artist’s union

Fuba became a transgressive and disruptive safe space for black artists

Apartheid assassin  was sane

In a painstaking labour of justice, a Greek academic writes Tsafendas’s true story

Mash comes alive on stage

The pianist’s challenge is to always work against the confines of the jazz tag


Nations League gets competitive

Some may not be fans of it, but the new league is going to create some interesting clashes

Hamilton: Keep F1 where it’s popular

The British racing driver told the BBC that he would prefer to see more stops in countries with a genuine racing tradition.

Transformation strays into touch

The Springbok XV is all but set for the World Cup but it doesn’t reflect South Africa’s demographics

Teething Downs pack a bite

Pitso Mosimane’s strategy appears to be clear, which is good reason to fear the Brazilians

Strong-willed Scots ready to match ambitious Boks

For many South Africans Scotland is best known for three things — whisky (the Irish spell it with an ‘e’), Sean Connery and tartan skirts.

PSL coaches on the ropes

With football clubs notorious for early firings, these guys could be unemployed by year-end

SA takes on the best – twice

Both our national men’s and women’s football teams take on the footballing powerhouse Nigeria this weekend and the stakes couldn’t be higher. 



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