Unembargoed September 28 to October 4

PIC’s Matjila wants a payout

If he is forced out, some fear he may reveal how ANC politicians benefited unduly

Ramaphosa constructs big plans

The president’s plans to rescue the economy target infrastructure, accountability and investors

Hlongwane met Jonas to clear the air, says Duduzane

Duduzane Zuma has said the meeting at the Guptas’ Saxonwold compound with former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas was to “clear up” rumours that controversial arms deal adviser and businessman Fana Hlongwane was blackmailing Jonas.

Slice of life: I’m a  ‘neguinho’  who is really good

‘I was six years old when I first started dancing. But some people in my extended family said that, if I do ballet, I am going to turn gay or end up poor because it is such a hard career.’

All eyes on Magashule at NEC

The integrity commission and the ‘plot’ are on the national executive committee meeting’s agenda

Mahumapelo rejects task team offer

Axed North West premier Supra Mahumapelo has declined an appointment to the ANC’s provincial task team, saying he would not be part of the purge currently under way in the ruling party.

Court stops protests

A second South Durban Basin company has gone to the high court to prevent protests by residents demanding jobs in a new petrochemical storage facility on their doorstep.

Gigaba rights queer affairs

Prejudiced officials in the department and transgender people’s IDs will be tackled

Teflon ‘convict’ lands another job

Apparently jailed in 2006.
Rehired by same municipality in 2008.
Charged again in 2015 with corruption. But Melusi Motha denies he was ever in jail

State workers must disclose crimes

Jacob Melusi Motha has not been the only convict to work in the public service

Ingonyama Trust Board blames its lawyer for ‘negligent’ eviction of Umnini resort owner

The Ingonyama Trust Board has denied responsibility for the illegal eviction of a KwaZulu-Natal South Coast resort owner, who is suing it for the nearly R6.5-million investment he lost as a result of the eviction.

‘Coalition failures will bring more votes’

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane believes his party’s failed coalition governments will attract more voters to the DA in next year’s national elections to ensure an outright win.

Politics mars anti-crime march

Political spats threaten to derail Cape Flats residents’ protests against gangsterism

New light on old civilisations

Scientists are remapping the stories of ancient civilisations by shooting them with lasers

This land is our chemist

A group of men harvest medicinal plants, which they then process and sell, but it’s a tough trade

R700k wetland fine for luxury developer

The self-proclaimed leading developer of luxury estates in Southern Africa, Century Property Developments, has paid a R700 00 fine for building illegally.

Dangerous daisy meets its weevil nightmare

Biological controls are being released to halt the invasion of  famine weed on farms and reserves

Race towards a brave new world

As the Sasol Solar Challenge races across the nation, questions arise about whether SA is any closer to a solar-powered future


Showdown: SA takes in the US for cheaper drugs

When the US went to bat for Big Pharma in the fight against this killer disease, South Africa wasn’t having any of it. Here’s what happened next.

How SA got the UN to talk about TB

Heads of state discussed one of the world’s biggest killers in New York this week — and it was our health minister who got them together


Is Nigeria’s youth corps worthwhile?

Nigerian graduates must all do one year of national service. It’s meant to foster unity, but it does soak up 90% of the national youth budget

Court gives hope to Africa’s queers

India’s repeal of a colonial 1861 law has fired up LGBT rights groups in Britain’s former African colonies

More irrigation, less migration

The effect of climate change in Africa’s semi-arid countries is driving young people out of rural areas into cities


New leaders, same goals, new stimulus

The package has echoes of previous promises but ministers say that this time they will be kept

Fear stopped staff at Sars from speaking out

Testimony before the Nugent commission this week revealed how irregular and unlawful conduct at the South African Revenue Service (Sars) continued, partly because whistle-blowers had limited protection.

Shoppers’ loyalty will save Woolies

Its food and financial services divisions did well but won’t offset the clothing division losses

High fees erode your investments

New middlemen mean today’s investors are paying more fees than previous generations

Coca-Cola’s green drive in SA skids on plastic scarcity

Consumer perceptions and a shortage of recycled polyethylene tere-phthalate (rPET) are just some of the factors restricting Coca-Cola Bottling South Africa from increasing the recycled plastic content in their carbonated drink bottles.

Stretched households battle as the economy shrinks

The release of the South African Reserve Bank’s quarterly bulletin this week served as another reminder of the strain households find themselves under as the country battles a shrinking economy.

SA’s ‘welfare state’ is in trouble

The government has to make tough decisions about social grants in the face of poor economic performance


No cinematic escape from Cape Flats life

A new film forces us to examine the background to crimes associated with poverty and deprivation

Editorial: Make SA safe for children

This week, we were haunted by the news of a seven-year-old found bleeding in a restaurant bathroom in Pretoria after a predator lured her from the play area into the restroom and raped her.

Editorial: New leader must convert old goals

Cyril Ramaphosa has to get his entire Cabinet and the ruling ANC to pull in the same direction to make it work

Letters to the Editor: September 28 to October 4

Our readers write in about vilifying white people, colonial names and Israel

Paddy loses plot, and breakfast

The heat combines with bad choice of clothing to render columnist bereft of a cogent story

Cosatu must introspect and fix itself, fast

The labour federation is a victim of the impasse in the grand post-apartheid South African project

‘We can, like my mother, be feminist and Zulu at the same time’

The answer is not to reject everything that comes to us in the name of culture

Our heritage is a successful civil society

Citizen movements helped secure democracy and they still protect people’s rights in South Africa

Bailouts allow state capture to continue

A pragmatic solution to absolve junior colluders could stem the continued bleeding of funds

Abortion: SA must speak up

Our country has a duty to ensure women’s rights are protected here and in the region

Weed war needs a little indica

‘In some countries, you’d be okay if you were caught with a gram of the stuff because that’s seen as a one-person portion,’ writes Shaun de Waal.

Nurture our children for SA’s future

The sad state of early childhood development suggests we do not value poor black children

What do teachers really ‘make’?

Teaching is no longer about delivering content; it is ultimately about shaping the world’s future

A company of one and it’s run, run, run

When Simbongile Ndlangisa ditched her nine-to-five job to start her own PR business from home, she thought, great, now I can sit and watch series all day. It hasn’t quite turned out that way but she’s not complaining


Campaign against breast cancer all year

‘Breast cancer was previously an illness that many just heard about. Now many of us know at least one person who has it — if we are lucky enough to be the ones not diagnosed with it.’

The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this.

Performers call out for pay rights

A new Bill seeks to recognise and protect the economic and moral rights of actors

Reimagining family and luxury with FAKA

The duo’s latest video/short film, Queenie, is a kaleidoscopic vision of a slice of queer reality

Noname moves into ‘Room 25’

Earlier this month, the low-key 27-year-old rapper and songwriter, Noname, aka Fatimah Warner, released her sophomore album Room 25.

Classic dance tells struggle heroine’s story

A simple stage, reminiscent of a school hall, set the scene for Shree: I Am Shakti. Two small god lamp areas guard either side.

A new biography gives  the real Sol Plaatje

Sol Plaatje was a man of prodigious talents. He had mastered seven languages before the age of 20 and was a writer of prevailing prose.

Telling tales leads to literacy

Storytellers at a festival of books emphasise that the oral tradition plays an important role in the process of learning to read

On companies and scandal

Is it me, or are we facing a national integrity crisis? KPMG SA, Steinhoff, Enterprise and Rainbow Chicken, state capture, #TotalShutDown. Dare I go on?

At 21, does Y tune into youth?

While YFM celebrates a milestone, it must ask whether it still serves its young, restless listeners


Women battle digital discrepancies

We’re familiar with the gender pay gap but there’s an information gap on the internet too

Who said running is free?

Putting foot to ground and setting off for a run can be done by anyone at anytime. It’s shocking at first then when you realise just how expensive something so fundamentally simple can be. 

Mourinho’s temptation

The elite manager has put himself in a hot spot after yet another exchange with a top player

SuperSport relying on guts to capture MTN8 glory

Morgan Gould this week described SuperSport United’s appearance in the MTN8 final as sneaking through the back door. It’s an apt description from the experienced centreback: his side fell apart shortly after winning this competition last year and only slipped into the top eight after the season concluded.

Blood spills outside the ring

Promising boxers have been killed in recent years, with reasons ranging from settling scores to choosing the wrong hangout



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