Verve cards to be accepted on PayPal

Plans are being concluded to add Verve cards to the accepted cards for integration on PayPal, according to Chuma Ezirim, head of e-business at FirstBank Nigeria.

According to Ezirim, PayPal cannot afford to leave out Verve cardholders in Nigeria.

“Verve cards will soon be added – 18 million issued, 13 million are active and integration is happening in few months. FirstBank controls 35 per cent of issued Verve cards,” Ezirim said.

He said currently only cards issued by Visa and MasterCard are accepted, but in addition FirstBank’s customers can open a PayPal account directly from the bank’s website. When they do this, he said they get automatic verification and higher limits.

“We are the only bank in Nigeria that allows PayPal account opening through the bank’s website,” he said.




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