Watch Malema vs Sunter in heavyweight debate on economy

CONTROVERSIAL MP and Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Friday took on Clem Sunter, one of SA’s most prominent authors and scenario planners, in a two-round debate organised by the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Cape Sun.

BDlive political editor Natasha Marrian live-blogged the event here.

Below is a recording of the full video stream of the event. BDlive will publish video highlights as soon as possible.


“Both these men have very strong views on the future of South Africa and its faltering economy, and it should be interesting and exciting to see them exchange blows,” said chamber president Janine Myburgh. “We are looking for a fair exchange of debating punches with as little ducking and diving as possible.”

The chamber has organised the “bout” because, it says, business must come to terms with different scenarios for the country’s future and how these could affect business opportunities and job creation.

Ms Myburgh said the lines in the political debate too often became confused as politicians sought to gain short-term advantages and audience support rather than looking deeper at policies’ long-term consequences.

“Mr Malema represents a different approach to our challenges and it is important to understand his thinking and what he is trying to achieve,” she said. “Mr Sunter, on the other hand, represents a more established view but he has a vast knowledge of the economy and our problem industry, mining, and should mount an excellent defence.

“We have billed this as the ‘Rumble in the Urban Jungle’ but we are looking for information and understanding rather than physical conflict. The blows we want to see are the blows of telling arguments and counter-punches of different views. Ideally we’d like to see both combatants leave the ring with a clearer understanding of the opposing forces.”

A question-and-answer session will follow the two-round clash.




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