Wayne Duvenage suggests Sanral consults its lawyers

THE Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) says it stands by its statement that e-toll nonpayment cases will be put on hold until a test case has been concluded.

Outa said on Thursday that its lawyers had reached agreement with the South African National Roads Agency Limited’s (Sanral’s) lawyers to halt legal action against present and future members of Outa while the organisation conducted a test case, which could take up to two years.

Sanral, however, denied that there was an agreement giving Outa members immunity from legal action over unpaid e-tolls.

Sanral spokesman Vusi Mona said on Thursday that while the legal teams of the two entities were in discussions and Sanral had agreed in principal to a test case, an agreement had not been reached.

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In its reply on Friday morning, Outa chairman Wayne Duvenage said: “There is no confusion here and if [Sanral spokesman] Vusi Mona denies this, he needs to get the facts from Werksmans, who are representing them on this matter.

“The fact is that Sanral’s legal team has agreed with Outa’s lawyers to a test case process.”

He said that since Sanral was not aware who Outa’s members were, cases would be dealt with as they arose.

Details were still being thrashed out before the test case could begin, he said.

“Once we have agreed to these matters, which in itself may become a legal case within a case, only then can we move on to the next stage, which will see the development of the pleas and affidavits that will eventually be heard in court.

“Unfortunately, these matters take a while to go through the normal court process and it is not our desire or strategy to drag this matter out. This is unfortunately the grind of the legal process in SA.”



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