Zuku revamps voice telephony service

Zuku, Wananchi Group’s home entertainment and communication services brand, has kicked off a major project to revitalise its voice telephony service provision capacity in an effort to maintain an edge as an innovative player in Kenya’s competitive communications market.

The project, which will involve the integration of a delivery platform technically known as a Soft Switch system, will soon see Wananchi Group providing fully-fledged voice telephony services.

The provision of voice telephony services for all its Zuku Triple-play – broadband, multi-channel digital television and voice telephony – customers is part of a strategy by Wananchi Group to enhance its service delivery capacity.

As part of the triple-play offering, Zuku delivers high quality voice services with free unlimited local on-net phone calls.

Wananchi Group chief executive officer (CEO) Richard Alden said the upgrade works to support full voice telephony provision for Zuku triple-play subscribers and will be completed by end of this month.

“We are investing heavily to ensure that our Zuku triple-play customers continue to enjoy a true triple-play solution covering voice telephony, digital TV and broadband connection,” Alden said. “At the conclusion of the ongoing system upgrade, our customers will be in a position to enjoy clear fixed telephony services at some of the most affordable local and international rates.”




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