Zumagotchi game mocks SA president as election approaches

An anonymous group of South African developers have released Zumagotchi, a game whereby users “[tend] to the needs of a miniaturised, totally inept pseudo-leader”.

“It’s your favourite South African president [Jacob Zuma], in the palm of your hand. Or floating precariously above your desk. Either way, it’s full of awesome,” said the Zumagotchi creators.

The game, which according to the developers is loosely based on the Tamagotchi toys of the 1990s, is available for Windows and Android devices, with an iOS version possible in future once demand is established.

The game is available as a bundle for ZAR29.99 (US$2.85).

“Think of Zumagotchi as one of those Tamagotchis you no doubt loved the hell out of when you were younger,” the creators said.

“As a work of satire, the joy is in the laughs it’ll bring. So while the game is designed to be fun to play (and we hope it is), it’s really all about delivering smiles by the truckload.”



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