PODCAST: Aunty Patty’s garden

When the coloured population of Simon’s Town was forcibly removed, Aunty Patty’s family remained. They were forgotten by the authorities for years.
Today, Aunty Patty has made her family home into a museum. 

In this Sound Africa podcast, producer Rasmus Bitsch visits the museum and walks down memory lane with Aunty Patty and her nephew Jackie. Even after several decades, the past casts a shadow that the beauty of Simon’s Town cannot expel. 

This is the first episode in the new Sound Africa series “Re-visits.” In this series Sound Africa takes another look at stories from the past that linger in the back of our minds, continuing to affect us. 

Every two weeks another episode will be released here and on Soundafrica.org. For more, follow Sound Africa on FacebookTwitter or listen to all our documentaries on iTunesSoundcloud or website. You can also subscribe to the newsletter.

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